Hi all!

I apologize for the lack of posts leading up to this weekend’s performances. No matter how many times people tell you how stressful moving is, it always comes as a surprise. Moving all the way from Philly has certainly taught me some lessons on how to move in the future!

I hope to see you tomorrow or this weekend at the MSO’s all-Beethoven concerts! I’ll be giving a presentation in the Anello Atrium one hour before every performance. Come and find out about…

… why this program is like watching your favorite movie trilogy.

… how the opening of Beethoven’s first symphony is one of the most daring things ever written.

… what happens when Beethoven and C minor meet up.

… how Beethoven writes a musical “Table of Contents” at the beginning of his Grosse Fuge.

… all my favorite moments in the program! (It’s rather selfish, but you can’t go wrong picking from Beethoven.)

Hope to see you all for a wild weekend with Maestro De Waart, the MSO… and Beethoven!


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